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Title:Parsing below the Segment in a Constraint-Based Framework
Authors:Cheryl Zoll
Comment:5 chapters in 5 files, UCB dissertation, 1996
Abstract:This dissertation proposes a new model of subsegmental phonology

within Optimality Theory that differs from standard Autosegmental

Phonology both in its limited use of representational

distinctions and in the form of the grammar to which the

representations submit. The research focuses particularly on

phonological units which are invisible to parsing in certain

contexts, such as floating features and ghost segments, and

demonstrates that the current understanding of segmental

representation does not adequately characterize the full range

of subsegmental phenomena found cross-linguistically. I propose

instead an analysis in the framework of Optimality Theory in

which the grammar derives the variety of surface phenomena from a

single underlying representation. The typology which results from

this analysis correctly classifies the entire range of behavior

associated with subminimal phonological units while allowing a

unique characterization of the immunity of defective segments

from the demands of regular parsing. This dissertation thus both

enlarges the empirical foundation on which an adequate theory of

segment structure must be based, and in developing such an

account sheds new light on classic problems of subsegmental


Cheryl Zoll

Dept. of Linguistics


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