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Title:Review of McCarthy & Pater (eds.), Harmonic Grammar and Harmonic Serialism
Authors:Eric Bakovic
Comment:To appear in Phonology
Abstract:Harmonic Grammar and Harmonic Serialism (henceforth HGHS) consists of thirteen chapters addressing matters of empirical, theoretical, and typological concern to Harmonic Grammar (HG) and Harmonic Serialism (HS). As the editors note in their preface, HG and HS are "in some ways relatives of OT [Optimality Theory] in that they incorporate much of its structure (e.g. candidate comparison by markedness and faithfulness constraints)," except that "HS questions the choice of parallel over serial evaluations, while HG questions the assumption that constraints are ranked rather than weighted." Anyone interested in an introduction to and further developments within either HG or HS, or wondering why one would want to pursue one or the other of these theories rather than their better-established relative, will be more than profitably occupied by perusal of the chapters in HGHS.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Harmonic Grammar, Harmonic Serialism
Article:Version 1