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Title:Syllable Integrity
Authors:Dan Everett
Abstract:This paper argues that syllables may be divided by feet, based

on an analysis of Banawa, an Arawan language of the Brazilian Amazon.

I argue that this is due to the fact that Syllable Integrity is a

violable constraint of UG. This result is important

for phonological theory because it improves our understanding

of the variable roles of syllables and moras in the phonological

systems of individual languages. It also underscores the

need for more fieldwork on the prosodic systems of the

world's nearly 7000 languages. Available data on the prosodic

structures of language lags so far behind data available on

other aspects of grammar that it is premature to base

predictions concerning prosodies on poorly informed notions of

'rarity' or markedness in prosodic structures.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1