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Title:Contextual Metrical Invisibility
Authors:Paul Hagstrom
Comment:69 pages. Appears in MITWPL 30
Abstract:Contextual Metrical Invisibility

Paul Hagstrom, MIT



In some languages, certain vowels are invisible to syllable-sensitive

processes, but only in certain contexts. This paper argues that metrically

invisible vowels are undominated by a syllable node in prosodic structure.

Considering mainly Mohawk and Passamaquoddy, the behavior of these "weak

vowels" is derived from pressure to avoid using weak vowels as syllable

nuclei, countered by pressure to realize underlying segments in well-formed

syllables. Because not only epenthetic vowels can be weak vowels, their

unsuitability as syllable nuclei is derived representationally, through

amount of underlying prosodic structure. Existing analyses of the data are

critiqued, and the theoretical implications and potential extensions are

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1