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Title:Formal Property Inheritance and Consonant/Zero Alternations in Maori Verbs
Authors:Nicholas Kibre
Comment:60 pages. Comments welcome
Abstract:Formal Property Inheritance and

Consonant/Zero Alternations in Maori Verbs

Nicholas Kibre


Word-forms are organized according to two types of structure: grammatical

and phonological. In most formal frameworks, this is modeled through the

interplay of phonological and morphological modules and/or constraints.

Not all generalizations can be unambiguously assigned to one of these

domains, however. This paper examines one such case in Maori, where what

were originally phonologically-motivated patterns of allomorphy have

arguably been reanalyzed as competing paradigms. A purely phonological

analysis, whether framed in terms of rules or constraints, is unable to

capture this fact without recourse to arbitrary devices, yet a purely

morphological approach is unable to capture the degree to which the

phonological constraints originally motivating the alternations are still


This paper proposes to address this conundrum through a formal model of

word formation in which both generalized morphological metarules and

phonological constraints are allowed to function as redundancy formalisms

across classes of both individual words and morphological rules. In this

way both the morphological character and phonological motivation of

alternations such in Maori can be captured. The proposed framework draws

on components Generative, Optimal and Lexical-Network models.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1