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Title:Turbid Output Representations and the Unity of Opacity
Authors:Matthew Goldrick
Comment: 15 pages. To appear in Proceedings of NELS 30
Abstract:Turbid Output Representations and the Unity of Opacity

Matthew Goldrick

Johns Hopkins University

OT has had difficulty accounting for opacity effects (Kiparsky, 1971),

which involve the violation of faithfulness unmotivated by surface

structual harmony. OT researchers have proposed that these

faithfulness violations can be motivated by relating the candidate

output to outputs of morphologically related forms (Benua, 1997) or

failed candidates (McCarthy, 1998).

This paper outlines an alternative approach: enlarging the space

of phonological representations so that outputs may contain

covert/'Turbid' structure. The proposal is illustrated through an

examination of compensatory lengthening in Luganda and

overapplication of fricative assimilation in German. We also examine

contrasts between Turbidity and other OT approaches to opacity.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1