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Title:The logic of Optimality Theory
Authors:Michael Hammond
Comment:17pp, to appear in the proceedings of WECOL
Abstract:The logic of Optimality Theory

Michael Hammond

University of Arizona

This paper is an attempt to determine the underpinnings of Optimality Theory,

and what logic might have to do with it. This is important because, without

this kind of work, very strange misunderstandings of the theory crop up. The

goals of the paper are as follows. First, I develop a logical statement of

Optimality Theory. Next, I go on to prove some theorems. Third, I go on to show

how the framework allows us to reason about partial derivations, and provides

promise as the basis of a theory of acquisition and a theory of parsing.

There are a number of results of this paper, but an important one is that I

establish that OT allows for multiple winners. That is, a tableau can have

several winning candidates. This may seem obvious to the reader familiar with

OT, but many presentations of OT imply or even state that this isn't so.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1