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Title:Segment-to-syllable alignment and vocalization in Chilean Spanish
Authors:Carlos-Eduardo Pineros
Abstract:Carlos-Eduardo PiƱeros
University of Iowa

This paper analyzes the vocalization of stop consonants that occurs in
Chilean Spanish as a strategy to avoid the emergence of consonantal
segments that are not aligned with the left edge of a syllable.
Vocalization is the best alternative to grammars that are pressed to
parse every consonantal segment in syllable initial position but do
not want to do so at the expense of losing or gaining segments. By
providing an unfaithful correspondent that is non-consonantal, output
forms are able to avoid the emergence of misaligned consonants and
still hold the position of the offending segment. Despite ridding
the output form of misaligned consonants, vocalization does not erase
all marked syllable structure because it gives rise to complex
syllable nuclei.

KEYWORDS: alignment, vocalization, coda-condition, featural
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1