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Title:A Model of the Interplay of Speech Perception and Phonology
Authors:Elizabeth Hume, Keith Johnson
Comment:17 pages, 5 figures
Abstract:A Model of the Interplay of Speech Perception and Phonology

Elizabeth Hume and Keith Johnson

Ohio State University

Do human auditory perceptual abilities shape language sound structures?

If so, what aspects of phonology may be driven by perception, and how

should perceptually driven processes be captured in linguistic theory?

These and similar questions have come to the forefront of linguistic

research in the last decade because the technology used in speech

perception research has become much more widely available and

portable, and because developments in constraint-based theories of

phonology have made it possible to incorporate 'perceptual constraints'

in linguistic grammars.

In this paper we present a range of evidence, including new work from

our lab, pointing to the influence of language sound structures on

speech perception, as well as the influence of speech perception on

phonological systems. With this as a basis,we propose a model that we

take as a starting point for the study of the interplay of speech perception

and phonology, defined to include the cognitive and formal

representatons of phonological systems. The aim of this paper is to

situate the study of the interplay of these two domains in a broader

context - taking into account other factors such as speech production,

linguistic cognition and social influence.

To appear in: E. Hume & K. Johnson (eds.), The Role of Speech

Perception in Phonology. New York: Academic Press.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1