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Title:Labial palatalization in Polish Dialects: A gestural account of phonetic implementation
Authors:Alexei Kochetov
Comment:Published in: The Canadian Linguistic Association Annual Proceedings, 1998, pp. 38-50.
Abstract:In several northeastern dialects of Polish palatalized labials show a range of surface realizations: they are attested as labials with secondary palatal articulation, sequences labial + palatal glide, labial + palatal fricative, or labial + alveopalatal fricative. These realizations are additionally complicated by gradiency and free variation effects (dialects of Mazovia, Varmija and Mazury: Basara et al. 1959, Zdunska 1965, Stieber 1968).

In this paper I present an analysis of these realizations by I adopting a gestural approach to phonetic implementation (Zsiga 1997; Browman & Goldstein 1989) and an Optimality Theoretic approach to enhancement as maximizing perceptual contrastiveness (Flemming 1995, Ní Chiosáin & Padgett 1997). The account has two parts: First, I demonstrate that the attested gradiency and variability in realization of palatalized labials result from dialect-specific gestural interpretations of the same phonological representation. Then, I show that these patterns of realizations are motivated by the need to preserve and enhance the phonemic contrast.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Phonetics
Article:Version 1