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Title:Optimality Theory Applied to the Analysis of Verse Translation
Authors:Richard Mansell
Comment:This is an English translation of the Catalan original that is in press.
Abstract:This article argues for a consolidation of present approaches to the analysis of verse translation, proposing an eclectic methodological framework based on Optimality Theory. The proposal draws critically on functional and norm-centred theories of translation, as well as semantics, syntax and prosody.

After building on the constraints first proposed by Dols and Sampol (in press), the paper presents a case study comprising various Spanish and Catalan translations of the first stanza of Poe's "The Raven". The theoretical framework proves itself to be useful in determining not only prioritised elements in a translator’s strategy, but also those elements that are sacrificed in order to satisfy the translator’s objectives.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Translation Studies
Article:Version 1