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Title:A Ternary Model of Morphology-Phonology Correspondence
Authors:Rachel Walker, Guanjun Bella Feng
Comment:In Proceedings of WCCFL 23
Abstract:This article develops a ternary model of morphology-phonology (MP) correspondence. The model incorporates mappings between (i) the input and output of phonological elements, (ii) the input and output of morphological elements and (iii) the phonological and morphological elements in an output. It is argued that such mappings stand in place of certain isolated constraints such as Realize-Morpheme (e.g. versions proposed by Samek-Lodovici 1993, Gnandesikan 1997, Walker 1998) and M-Parse (Prince and Smolensky 1993), and the model makes precise these constraints' status and formalism in the theory. The model's application is demonstrated with cases involving morpheme realization, ineffability, and double affixation, with emphasis on patterns in Mandarin Chinese. It is also proposed that the MP model of correspondence obviates the Principle of Consistency of Exponence (McCarthy and Prince 1993) with positive results. The implicit indexing that Consistency of Exponence necessitates is brought under the umbrella of correspondence. Also, a case of reduplication in Anxiang Chinese suggests that the principle is violable, and therefore belongs in the set of rankable constraints.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1