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Title:How many constraints are there? A preliminary inventory of OT phonological constraints
Authors:Steve Parker
Comment:requires Doulos SIL font; this entry consists of two files: instructions (Word or PDF) and an Excel database (Other)
Length:36 + an Excel spreadsheet
Abstract:In this project we document a total of 1666 unique OT constraints published in the phonological literature. These span a period of time from 1993 through 2008 and come primarily from four major journals. The main constraint database contains the following information for each entry: name, abbreviation, type, subtype, definition, violation example, comments, author, year, and journal. This catalog is presented all together in a single Excel spreadsheet, allowing the user to quickly find and sort constraints based on a number of individualizable parameters. In this paper we also include a summary analysis of the quantity of constraints divided according to three independent variables: type, date of publication, and source.
Article:Version 1