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Title:The Phonology and Phonetics of Prosodic Prominence in Persian
Authors:Ayat Hosseini
Comment:(Ph.D. Diss, 2014)
Length:198 pages
Abstract:This dissertation explores the phonological representation and the phonetic realization of prosodic prominence in Persian. It comprises two related parts: the first part addresses prosodic phrasing in Persian, while the second part deals with phonetic correlates of prosodic prominence by reporting conducted production and perception experiments. The phonological part is carried out within the framework of Prosodic Phonology, and aims at determining the prosodic structure of Persian from foot level, up to utterance level. By adopting Optimality Theory, it tries to explain how morphosyntax-phonology interface constraints together with prosodic markedness constraints form the prosodic structure of the language.
Area/Keywords:Persian, phonology, prosody, stress, accent, prosodic structure, prosodic phrasing, Farsi, Prosodic Phonology, Optimality Theory, function words, Ezafe constructions, nuclear, prenuclear, acoustic correlates, syllable, foot, Map-XP, clitics, phonology-syntax interface
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