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Title:Bantu Tone spreading and displacement as alignment and minimal misalignment
Authors:Lee S. Bickmore
Abstract: Drawing on mostly Bantu data, I examine an array of tonal phenomena including

bounded and unbounded displacement and spreading, focusing on those phenomena which

have few if any non-tonal counterparts. I utilize a small number of arguably universal

constraints which depending on their ranking yield the attested tone patterns. The

account here does not necessitate any overlay of metrical structure and makes no

explicit reference to association lines themselves. I crucially rely on the interplay

between ALIGN and *ALIGN constraints, which I propose must be able to target not only

edges, but the edges of peripheral feature bearing units (cf. Idsardi 1992). The ALIGN

and *ALIGN constraints sometimes relate output High Tone Spans (HTS) to morphological

constituents and sometimes relate the input and output of a single HTS. Give this

latter point, I propose that ALIGN and *ALIGN can be formalized in such a way as to

fit into a slightly modified form of McCarthy's (1995) constraint schema developed to

account for rule opacity effects.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1