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Title:Sonority and Reduplication in Hadoti
Authors: Gulab Chand , Somdev Kar
Abstract:The prosodic features like sonority motivate the pattern of reduplication in Hadoti. This regional variety of the Rajasthani language is spoken in the Western part of India (Rajasthan). Its reduplication process is highly productive, both morphologically and phonologically. The Optimality theoretic approach to the analysis of the phonological patterning of the reduplication process in Hadoti gives a theoretical account of the phenomena. Reduplication process is rarely analyzed with sonority patterning giving this study an imperative turn. Thus, the investigation put forward in this paper will hopefully enrich the present reduplication research of Indo-Aryan languages, and the theoretical account advanced here will enable us to see how OT and sonority have interacted with each other during reduplication process.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:sonority, reduplication, Optimality Theory, Hadoti
Article:Version 1