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Title:Book of cGX2
Authors:Natalie DelBusso
Comment:SOTA 1.5
Length:Excel workbook
Abstract:The cGX2 system is a variation on Alber & Prince's cGX system, part of the set of stress systems that includes nGX (Alber & Prince 2017) and nGo (Alber & Prince in prep.). It differs from their cGX in not including the constraint FtBin, making it a minimal contrast with nGX, from which it differs only in the definition of the foot-type constraints, Iamb and Trochee. In cGX, a unary foot does not violate either foot type constraint (in nGX, it violates both).
This workbook contains a complete Property Analysis of the cGX2 system.
Area/Keywords:SOTA, typology, Property Theory, stress
Article:Version 1