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Title:Introductory OT on CD-ROM (Version 1.0, On-line Demo)
Authors:John J. McCarthy
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Abstract:Introductory OT on CD-ROM (Version 1.0 On-line Demo)

by John McCarthy

This CD-ROM collection of more than 60 handouts and problem

sets has been developed and tested over several years of teaching

Optimality Theory in a first-semester graduate phonology course.

The handouts emphasize understanding key concepts, developing

essential skills,and making the first steps toward becoming a

productive, creative phonologist.

The handouts are supplied in various word-processing and printing

formats, suitable for reproduction and use in class as-is or with

modifications to suit the instructor. (The handouts have also

been used for self-instruction.) A comprehensive index to the

handouts is provided in HTML format to allow easy access to the

files by way of standard, universally-available browsing programs

(like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) on Windows,

Macintosh, or Unix platforms. No technical knowledge is assumed.

In this on-line demo version, some links have been disabled. For

a fully functional CD-ROM at a cost of US$10 (plus postage -- domestic

(per 2 items): $3 surface, $5 air; foreign (per item): $4 surface, $6

Canadian airmail, other airmail variable), contact the UMass Amherst

Graduate Linguistics Student Association at:


Department of Linguistics


Amherst, MA 01003 USA


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