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Title:Phonology as Cognition
Authors:Mark Hale, Charles Reiss
Comment:22 pages. Third file is in two-up format. This is an extended version of our recent LI squib "Substance abuse and dysfunctionalism: Current trends in phonology." To appear in Phonological Knowledge from OUP. (Supercedes ROA-317)
Abstract:Phonology as Cognition

Mark Hale and Charles Reiss

Concordia University

This paper attempts to ground phonology within psychology. That is, we

are interested in phonology as a branch of the study of mental

representation, the psychology of mind. In order to develop this

`phonology of mind' we need to understand the relationship between

formal properties of grammars and the `substance' which representations

represent. Current trends in phonology fail to offer a coherent

conception of form and substance and are also inconsistent with basic

principles of science. In addition to critiquing the phonological

literature on markedness and related issues, we offer a modest result

in the study of the formal properties of the phonology: we demonstrate

that phonology needs to make use of quantification to characterize the

structural descriptions of rule and constraints.
Type:Paper/tech report
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