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Title:Derived environment effects in Colloquial Helsinki Finnish
Authors:Arto Anttila
Abstract:Derived environment effects in Colloquial Helsinki Finnish

Arto Anttila

Boston University

Derived environment behavior is unlikely to be a property of

phonological rules of any kind. Reference to global properties of

grammar seems inevitable. The evidence comes from a quantitative study

of optional Vowel Coalescence in Colloquial Helsinki Finnish based on

a corpus of approximately 13,000 naturally occurring vowel

sequences. The coalescence rule is blocked in nonderived environments,

but only in phonologically and morphologically marked contexts, and

dispreferred in derived environments in exactly the same

contexts. This mixed behavior arises from the interaction of

optimality-theoretic constraints and the assumption that grammars are

partial orderings.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1