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Title:Intra-Paradigmatic Homophony Avoidance in Two Dialects of Slavic
Authors:Katherine Crosswhite
Comment:Previously appeared in vol. 1 (1999) of UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics
Abstract:In this paper, I examine two cases of homophony-avoidance, one occurring in the Trigrad dialect of Bulgarian, and the other occurring in Contemporary Standard Russian. In both cases, a productive phonotactic phenomenon of the language (vowel reduction) is either completely or totally blocked just in case its application would cause two morphologically-related forms to become homophonous. Vowel reduction can create homophones in cases where the words involved are not morphologically related. My analysis of these two cases rests on Correspondence Theory (McCarthy and Prince 1996, McCarthy 1995). In particular, the morphological limitations placed on Correspondence predict that homophony-blocking cannot affect non-related words
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1