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Title:The acquisition of phonological opacity
Authors:Ricardo Bermudez-Otero
Comment:Shorter version published in: J. Spenader, A. Eriksson & O. Dahl (eds)(2003). _Variation within Optimality Theory: Proceedings of the Stockholm Workshop on 'Variation within Optimality Theory'_. Stockholm: Dept of Linguistics, Stockholm University, 25-36.
Abstract:This paper argues that Stratal OT is explanatorily superior to alternative OT treatments of phonological opacity (notably, Sympathy Theory). It shows that Stratal OT supports a learning model that accounts for the acquisition of opaque grammars with a minimum of machinery. The model is illustrated with a case study of the classic counterbleeding interaction between Diphthong Raising and Flapping in Canadian English.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology, Learnability
Article:Version 1