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Title:OO-Correspondence as cumulativity
Authors:Andries W Coetzee
Comment:Also published in: Carpenter, Angela, Andries W. Coetzee and Paul de Lacy (eds.) UMOP 26: Papers in Optimality Theory II. Amherst: GLSA. p. 27-57
Abstract:Both Sympathy constraints and OO-correspondence constraints are
types of correspondence constraints, and both can induce opaque
phenomena. Yet, Sympathetic constraint interaction is mediated by a
special type of correspondence constraints (cumulativity constraints),
while OO-correspondence is mediated by ordinary correspondence
constraints. This paper argues that cumulative constraints can also be
used in OO-correspondence. It is also argued that this is desirable for
two reasons: (i) It unifies these two kinds of non-IO-correspondence.
(ii) Certain types of OO-correspondence induced opacity that are
possible with ordinary correspondence constraints, are excluded if
cumulative constraints are used. Cumulative OO-correspondence
constraints therefore result in a more restrictive theory.
Type:Paper/tech report
Area/Keywords:Phonology,Formal Analysis
Article:Version 1