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Title:Projection, Heads, and Optimality
Authors:Jane Grimshaw
Comment:55 pages. Revised Version in LI 28.3, 373-422
Abstract:Projection, Heads, and Optimality

Jane Grimshaw

Rutgers University

Inversion of the subject and auxiliary in English matrix questions and

elsewhere is the effect of a violable optimality-theoretic constraint

that requires head positions to be filled. When no other auxiliary is

available, do-support occurs to satisfy this constraint, resulting in

the presence of an expletive verb. When a higher-ranked constraint

prohibits inversion, no inversion or do-support is found. The argument

is then extended to cases where the complementizer "that" is obligatory,

which are shown to offer best satisfaction of the proposed set of

violable constraints.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1