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Title:Andalusian Vowel Harmony: Weak Triggers and Perceptibility
Authors:Jesus Jimenez, Maria-Rosa Lloret
Comment:Handout: Workshop on 'Harmony in the Languages of the Mediterranean', at 4th Old-World Conference in Phonology (Rhodes, January 18-21 2007)
Abstract:Eastern Andalusian Spanish Vowel Harmony takes place in words ending in /s/, where final /s/ weakens as [h] or deletes completely. Both processes induce opening of the preceding final vowels and further fronting of /a/. In addition to that, the [RTR] feature of these final vowels (raised through assimilation of the [spread glottis] and [coronal] features of /s/; cf. Vaux 1998, Gerfen 2002) spreads leftwards to non-high vowels, obligatorily up to the stressed vowel and optionally up to the initial vowel of the word. Posttonic medial non-high vowels may also be affected. In this paper we analyze these facts under Walker (2006)'s Generalized Licensing view and claim for the gradual nature of licensing requirements.
Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1