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Title:Principles of Sentence Pronunciation
Authors:David Pesetsky
Comment:34 pp. WORD(hqx) is binhex'd & includes both WORD5.1 file & IPA font
Abstract: Principles of Sentence Pronunciation (handouts)


sentpron.ps, --.rtf, --.hqx, ca. 34pp.

David Pesetsky


This is a compilation of handouts from 5 classes, Fall 1994, MIT, in

which the proposal is advanced that the output of syntax feeds a

system that determines how syntactic units are pronounced -- for

example, optional and obligatory patterns of deletion, in-situ vs.

filler-gap vs. filler-resumptive pronoun pronunciations of members of

non-singleton chains. This system has a crucially

phonological/optimality character. The proposal is thus intended to

supplant the strong/weak feature (S-structure/LF) dichotomy of most

recent syntax that accepts the arguments for covert movement.

Topics include relative clauses in English, French and

Mod.Hebrew, that-trace effects and V-to-I movement patterns in English

of various periods as well as French.

Type:Paper/tech report
Article:Version 1